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...so many blogs these days are written by bloggers in the major fashion capitals of the world. I have a different perspective....possibly a lonely one.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Style Desert

I live in a style no-man's-land, an aesthetic vacuum, a place that chic deserted.....and I think a lot about style...so I have started this as an outlet for my thoughts and ideas.

Firstly I will explain a bit about where I live so you get the picture....
  1. its cold....almost all year. Even in midsummer one struggles to go out without a jacket .....which arguably is a good thing given the sartorial difficulties presented with extreme heat and the greater possible options one has if one can wear some form of outerwear;
  2. berghaus clothes are prolific here. As are fleeces with company names blazoned all over them. And rucksacks...and I don't mean that they wear these when they are at work;
  3. sartorial flair is something to be mocked not admired. In a man, any form of self expression through clothes is gay; and, in a woman, it is a sign of superciliousness. In this place you don't want to be thought of as either - unless of course you are a girl and have no need to work for a living;
  4. chic shops are non-exsistent. There is a topshop, a zara....and that's about it. No decent vintage either. I shouldn't complain, if the shops were better I'd have even less money; and
  5. to the extent girls are into fashion, it tends to be inspired more by cheryl cole & co-wags than the girls at french vogue. Fashion is not an art-form but a status symbol.
I'm not like this.

I don't really fit. And, I know I sound like a teenager - forgive me - I want to be different from all that.

I love clothes....I always have. I adore them and I love to think about style and choices and shapes and colours and textures.

I try to plough my own furrow and do my own thing....in the style desert I live in.


  1. you get extra style points for using the word 'supercilious' and spelling it correctly..
    super'silly'ousness...love it!...

    looking forward to watching your journey through the desert...

    **btw- what on earth are berghaus clothes...?!?
    they sound dreadful!...

  2. oh- i can't edit...
    but 'super-silly-us' is even better...

    we are silly - aren't we?!..
    isn't that part of the fun?

  3. Yes indeed we are very silly....

    Berghaus clothes are outdoors jackets and fleeces in hideous pastel colours usually for women....and dark non-descript colours for men.