Ramblings ...from an aesthetic wasteland

...so many blogs these days are written by bloggers in the major fashion capitals of the world. I have a different perspective....possibly a lonely one.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Paris Shows 08

This was me in Paris recently.

Annie Hall

Yesterday I was sporting a real Annie Hall vibe. It's a style I have always loved. Here is an example of the kind of idea. I guess its a reaction to the big boob generation that we live nt.....there must be something more for us to aspire to than 36DD's. I love that its really unsexy but at the same time there is something about it which is really really feminine......

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Sacai originally emerged from the Comme des Garcons stable. Designer Abe Chitose worked at Comme des Garçons and Junya Watanabe for 10 years before starting Sacai in 1999. She does lots of knitwear and I have a few pieces. She tends to focus on shoulder embellishments as well as frills and ruffles protruding from the hems of otherwise classic pieces. I have a beautiful little jumper with exaggerated shoulders and a lace up back with silk poking out through the lace. I love it - its really gorgeous.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Margaret Howell a/w 2010

I adore this look from the Margaret Howell a/w 2010 collection.

The tartan is a Dress Stuart. I have been thinking of having a skirt made from this fabric for some years now. I have never been sure of what style to go for though. I think something voluminous and possibly just above the knee would be good. Or just on the knee.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Winter Boots

I have been searching for some cool winter boots - well I have a couple of pairs of good ones but I'm always looking for more. The boots I am thinking about primarily are these from Sorel....

What do you think?

Style Desert

I live in a style no-man's-land, an aesthetic vacuum, a place that chic deserted.....and I think a lot about style...so I have started this as an outlet for my thoughts and ideas.

Firstly I will explain a bit about where I live so you get the picture....
  1. its cold....almost all year. Even in midsummer one struggles to go out without a jacket .....which arguably is a good thing given the sartorial difficulties presented with extreme heat and the greater possible options one has if one can wear some form of outerwear;
  2. berghaus clothes are prolific here. As are fleeces with company names blazoned all over them. And rucksacks...and I don't mean that they wear these when they are at work;
  3. sartorial flair is something to be mocked not admired. In a man, any form of self expression through clothes is gay; and, in a woman, it is a sign of superciliousness. In this place you don't want to be thought of as either - unless of course you are a girl and have no need to work for a living;
  4. chic shops are non-exsistent. There is a topshop, a zara....and that's about it. No decent vintage either. I shouldn't complain, if the shops were better I'd have even less money; and
  5. to the extent girls are into fashion, it tends to be inspired more by cheryl cole & co-wags than the girls at french vogue. Fashion is not an art-form but a status symbol.
I'm not like this.

I don't really fit. And, I know I sound like a teenager - forgive me - I want to be different from all that.

I love clothes....I always have. I adore them and I love to think about style and choices and shapes and colours and textures.

I try to plough my own furrow and do my own thing....in the style desert I live in.